American Idol Online Voting

Viewing American Idol this working week, I discovered a little something I stumbled upon odd. As soon as the program has ended, American Idol seems to have the whole audience vote on their beloved nominees by calling up or maybe sending text messages using their favorite mobile device to a particular phone number. That way, candidates can receive their votes, and also telephone providers make the most of their clients utilizing minutes together with text messages to assist their most preferred performer. I think that American Idol should start to use an online voting system to make things easier for some of their viewers. American Idol Fairwell Season

This offers several advantages:

Foremost, the numbers of voters will undoubtedly increase drastically since audience who are not able to not link up with the American Idol telephone lines could very well be in a position to gain access to the website online. Additionally, for many, surfing a website carries a significantly lesser blockade of entry since you need the Web, on the other hand, may not locate specific interest in helping to make telephone contact.
Furthermore, transforming the voting process by doing this can carry significantly larger income too. People who choose to vote on the American Idol website would certainly notice advertisement, consequently growing advertising income. On top of that, one can set each and every performer’s tracks available on the market beside their label on the voting website. This could certainly encourage a lot more individuals to get their much-loved singer’s track from the night time as it stands fresh in their thought not to mention their enthusiasm is higher after viewing the performance.
Last but not the least, it can offer a far more stabilized voting method. With the telephone lines, citizens are going to contact just as many occasions as they quite simply could get through, considerably inflating their votes. Executing it on the internet, they can control voters by IP address. Using mobile devices to vote also makes the online voting process simple as can be. Simply pull up your iPhone, Droid, or tablet, click a few buttons, and your online vote is submitted. Also, the voting process can be a little more complicated, including a positive rating method of the contestants which may be more convenient to tell via a web-based interface.
In just about all, enhancing the American Idol voting process with a web-based system may perhaps give tremendous benefits too. With small overhead needed, seems like a no-brainer to get the system ahead.

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