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There are certain situations in which people wonder if they poorly negotiated their cell tower leases. In most cases, that is completely correct! One simple fact is, many cell tower leases that were negotiated and built in the 90s will expire soon. Some of the old cell tower leases have clauses about automatic renewal for 5 or 10-year period. If you are in that kind of situation, you should consider hiring an expert company for cell tower leases.

There are two most frequent situations:

Your cell tower lease has a renewal clause – This is one of the possibilities, and if this is a case, you are in a really good position to renegotiate with the company. You can find yourself in the situation where you can even ask for more revenue, but that will depend on several factors such as the number of tenants who are using the cell tower, the location of the site, etc. You can even take the cell tower ownership so you can receive extra income from other tenants. When you are negotiating with wireless or telecommunication company, you can do it yourself, but if you decide to go that way, you will need to be extra careful, and not to rush into deals. You can make some mistakes such as to ask for too much money, and if that is the case, the company may even decide to move their cell site to some other place, and you can be left with empty hands, or you will not be able to get the finest deal. That is why you need to consider hiring a company that will help you to get the nicest possible deal.


Your cell tower lease does not have a renewal clause – Contracts written in the last several years in most cases will not allow contract determination by the landowner, in this case you. Nevertheless, if the company is in the situation where the cell site lease is in default, you as a landowner can use different available legal remedies under the laws of the state you live in and the terms of the lease. When it comes to common cell site lease breaches, those are:

  • Using structures or equipment, which are not under the lease
  • Using the ground which is outside the cell tower lease area and it is not covered by the lease
  • Renting payment failures.

If you find yourself in similar situation, make sure to contact cell tower attorney or cell tower negotiating company to help you to get the best possible solution, and make the deal most suitable for you.

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